Gyn Cleaning Sydney


Gyms tend to be low in litter and most cleaning issues, but they are more prone to sweat and related hygiene problems than just about any other venue. It pays to be aware of this and know the best ways to deal with the issue.


  • Wipe down Gym equipment before use. At best others people’s sweat is unpleasant. We don’t know that the worse possibility is, but avoiding a rash or fungal infection is enough reason to keep equipment and seating clean.
  • Provide paper towel dispensers for cleaning.
  • Provide a dispenser for hand sanitiser. Avoiding one bad infection is reason enough to do this.
  • Advise attendants to wash clothing between Gym sessions. Fresh human sweat is a sign of a good workout; stale human sweat is the site of bacteria, odour and fungal infections. The bag you keep the clothes in also needs cleaning.
  • Advise attendants to use thongs/flip-flops in the shower. This prevents tinea and other infectious fungi from spreading. This footwear should be cleaned with diluted bleach.
  • Encourage everybody to buy a better water bottle. Plastic bottles are only good for one use, or for promoting the business printed on the side. Metal bottles can be disinfected with boiling water and detergent, probably in the family dishwasher.
  • Don’t even think of sharing the water bottle with anybody else. People wonder how the flu spreads so quickly.
  • Advise people to stay away from the Gym if ill or suffering an open cut. They are open to infecting other if ill, or from infections from others if injured. And they are probably not in a position to benefit from the workout anyhow.


Gym Cleaning Sydney        

Regular gym cleaning is essential, but the regular cleaners are not there to look after the habit of individual patrons. Make a good conduct guide a part of the sign up procedure at any Gym.


Easier Cleaning

You could avoid work, or you can think ahead and reduce the amount that needs doing for cleaning your home.

–           Ovens are one of the worst things to clean. Use an oven liner.

–           Toaster ovens can also be lined with foil. Easy to clean.

–           Buy organic with reusable bags and avoid 90% of the accumulating rubbish.

–           Line cupboard draws with butcher paper, and fridges with foil. Dispose of rather than clean. A produce called ‘press n seal’ is available for fridges.

–           Put detergent at the bottom of the toilet cleaner/brush.

–           Keep cleaning products near the objects and places that need cleaning. The toilet and bathroom tend to get cleaned if the brush and brush are at hand.

–           Have once plate, bowl and set of utensils for every meal. Clean them each time.

–           Learn to use chopsticks – they are the easiest thing to clean, especially metal ones.

–           Put doors on cupboards, to hide the messy contents.

–           Have a systematic way if storing things. You feel satisfied of everything is in its place.

–           Buy lots of houseplants, which help clean the air. Watering plants is more enjoyable than most household tasks. If the plants keep insects away as well, that’s a bonus.

–           Buy furniture that is easy to clean.

–           Pet hair can be picked up with an old rubber glove.

–           Venetian blinds can be cleaned quickly by a flat stick (ruler) that has a cloth attached.

–           Use coke to clean grease stains or toilet bowls.

–           Avoid all the kitchen gadgets and just have the two or three items that multitask.


Remember that life contains both the sweaty work and the fulfilling achievement. You sleep better at night if you have managed to both get several things out of the way and taken a few steps closer to a goal or two.


‘A lazy person finds the easiest way’, goes the old saying, at least if there’s no way to avoid the work. I prefer the phrase ‘work smart not hard.’ You have to get things done, so find the most efficient way to get results. Then you can get on with the important aspects of living.

  • Do you get soap scum building up in the shower? Wash yourself with shower gel; for some reason this doesn’t leave scum. If you live with others, then they get shower gel for Christmas. No scrub bathroom cleaners also help.
  • Clean you microwave with a bowl of water and white vinegar (4 parts water, I part vinegar). Just microware the mixture in an open bowl for a few minutes, and wipe clean.
  • Leave your shoes at the door. By slippers for the house in winter. Wear socks on hard floor and let them attract the dust. Apparently anti-microbial doormats are good.
  • Buy items that can be cleaned in the dishwasher, including toys.
  • Make a list of cleaning shores that take one minute to do. Do one per hour. You have some sense of achievement through this.
  • When you cook, find easy alternatives. Use paper cupcake and muffin liners; this saves cleaning the tray. Line cooking with foil rather than clean the utensil.
  • We don’t recommend instant meals, but anything you can cook in one pan/pot saves time.
  • Rather than clean the plate of bowl, line it beforehand with a soft tortilla. Than just eat the tortilla when you finish the meal.
  • Cook meals in advance and defrost. You can cook several meals and only clean up once. As we don’t want to eat the same thing every night you need to have about seven different options.
  • Soaking a dryer sheet in a pan/pot of water makes it easier to clean, Leave overnight, and use a non-toxic dryer sheet.
  • If you have to watch mindless television, then do the washing and folding. Neither requires much concentration.
  • If you listen to podcasts or regular radio programmes, do some simple washing at the same time. As long as the listening does not require too much attention.
  • If there is a scheduled item you are looking forward too, spend 10 minutes before this cleaning up. You appreciate the anticipated item more.
  • Deodorize the fridge with a cut onion, coffee grinds, or bicarbonate of soda. Charcoal also does this.

Strata Cleaning

Strata systems combine two forms of ownership and residency. Individuals in a strata scheme own a ‘lot’, which others might term a unit, but not the building that the lot is contained within. Everything within the four walls of the lot are the property of the owner, everything outside is common ground that is the responsibility of the community and the building administration. These rules can vary, depending on the strata in question. Renovations to the building are sometimes up to the individual, and sometimes under the authority of the administration; each individual situation should be checked.

We simultaneously live an individuals and as members of a community. Nowhere does this become more evident than in a strata house. Maintaining a sense of community is a key component of health living.

An issue with common property is just who is responsible for certain costs and chores. Strata cleaning requires some dedicated work; as it is the common area for many individuals it becomes untidy at an alarming rate; as no individual owner is responsible for its upkeep it will not be magically fixed. Professional strata cleaning is essential. At the very least a groundskeeper is needed.  Using a cleaning service allows common areas to be maintained without concern, it is part of the monthly strata fee. As an added benefit it makes individual apartment cleaning more convenient; the same cleaners can do both the common areas and any individual lots at the discretion of the individual owner. This makes for an improved and more economical situation for all concerned.




Residential Home Cleaning

I should think the advantages of professional home cleaning should be obvious.

The 40 hour working week doesn’t include travel time or all the other time I spend chasing things up. My free time is minimal, and it has a negative impact on my mental health if I don’t do something satisfying with it. In these days of gender equality means that you can’t stick all the work on a significant other, which is not something I ever thought was fair anyway; but if I neglect the housework the consequences are a disaster. Getting someone in to do the cleaning means I have one major concern out of the way. I could have worried about the cost, but anything that eats into my work time is costing me more per hour than the cleaner does, and anything that eats into leisure time just drives me nuts. The cleaners get things done faster and more thoroughly than I can, and I live in better surroundings because of it. What’s not to like? Residential cleaning works out well.

My in-laws had a situation where the husband kept an apartment in Redfern to stay in during the working week, saving him a trip up and back from the central coast each day. Turns out that thinking an apartment without children, occupied only 4 days a week, wasn’t going to get too dirty was a mistake. He rented the apartment to save on travel time and ended up with a lot of cleaning time, which no one wanted. Once a week professional cleaning solved the problem, made all the easier because he used the same group that cleans his office. He probably uses home cleaning too, though I should chase this up.

End of Lease Cleaning

This is a mistake so many people make the first time they leave a rental property. They paid a considerable amount of money for a bond when they moved in, and expect a complete refund when they move out some time later. Unfortunately, the rental property will require the most thorough cleaning feasible; many individuals don’t realize that they are not up to the task. And even if they are up to the task, they don’t realize the time involved while they still have so much else to be concerned with.


End of Lease cleaning gets you a guaranteed result. You pass the property moving out inspection, or the cleaners come back and fix the cleaning issues at no extra charge. Given the amount spent on bond money you are financially better off hiring a professional cleaning service; better to spend some money on cleaners than lose all of the money from the bond.


Individuals underestimate how many things will be occupying their time when they move out of a property. Hiring a professional cleaner when moving out means there is one important factor taken care of for you. The landlords prefer it too; they know the job will be done right or the cleaners will have to return.


Professional end-of-lease cleaners know what landlords and inspectors look for, the details that the tenants either never through of or overlooked with over familiarity. Don’t be caught out – leave the old rental property above reproach, and enjoy the new property with the past one all tidy and out of the way.

Commercial Cleaning

Any commercial premises will become untidy is a short space of time. The nature of the business is that many people frequent commercial premises and as none of them live there none of them are obliged to clean the surroundings. Yet an unclean commercial operation will lose clientele very quickly. In no other situation is high quality cleaning more important.


Drains, kitchens, bathrooms and any place in restaurants, schools or other establishments are prone to accumulating food scraps and other germ friendly materials. We tend to look after this in our own home because we can keep track of what we are doing; but the large number of individuals running their own operation in an institution makes cleaning a sizable task. Commercial cleaning removes any hygiene risks before they become issues.


Professional cleaners both know the usual culprits and know the way to deal with tricky situations. Blocked drains can be disastrous; mould can infestations can mean staff illness. Avoid problems and let us give you a clean slate to start work in


A clean place of business makes for a better operation. Clients will see neatness as a reflection of the company’s reputation and service, and tend to visit more often; Staff morale is better when the surroundings are well maintained. Arrive at an establishment that has been completely restored overnight; spend your time running the company and let professional look after the background details.

Office Cleaning

Why get office cleaning?


How you look to customers is part of how your business works. Part of this is style; part of this is looking slick and clean. This is no substitute for a reliable and efficient business, but you may not attract new customers if you don’t look the part. Make sure everything in your office is at optimum level.


Don’t be fooled; time you spend cleaning is time you could be working on your business. You’ll be better off financially if somebody else is looking after sanitation and dusting. You’ll also derive more personal satisfaction from furthering your company’s development, or pursuing personal interests, than you will from cleaning the same place every day.


The law of entropy says everything will slowly fall into disarray unless maintained; dust and disorder tend to creep up on you. We work after office hours to quietly remove the cleaning problems that otherwise quietly accumulate. There is a lot to be said for coming to a clean office every morning. Coming to an office that is slowly becoming a mess is not going to benefit anybody.


People don’t know every detail unless they dedicate themselves to finding out; there are many sources of contamination, bacteria and unhygienic factors that can accumulate in any office. Failure to recognize these issues means hygiene problems hat slowly accumulate in the background. A clean office means hygienic surroundings, and if that means a few less employee sick day, then you are coming out ahead.


Even if you don’t notice the immediate effects of a clean office space you will notice the effect on your staff. All things being equal a tidy office makes for a more content group of individuals, and that tends to help efficiency. Office cleaning gives you a clean space to operate in, and people either appreciate this when they have it, or resent it when it’s lost.