End of Lease Cleaning

This is a mistake so many people make the first time they leave a rental property. They paid a considerable amount of money for a bond when they moved in, and expect a complete refund when they move out some time later. Unfortunately, the rental property will require the most thorough cleaning feasible; many individuals don’t realize that they are not up to the task. And even if they are up to the task, they don’t realize the time involved while they still have so much else to be concerned with.


End of Lease cleaning gets you a guaranteed result. You pass the property moving out inspection, or the cleaners come back and fix the cleaning issues at no extra charge. Given the amount spent on bond money you are financially better off hiring a professional cleaning service; better to spend some money on cleaners than lose all of the money from the bond.


Individuals underestimate how many things will be occupying their time when they move out of a property. Hiring a professional cleaner when moving out means there is one important factor taken care of for you. The landlords prefer it too; they know the job will be done right or the cleaners will have to return.


Professional end-of-lease cleaners know what landlords and inspectors look for, the details that the tenants either never through of or overlooked with over familiarity. Don’t be caught out – leave the old rental property above reproach, and enjoy the new property with the past one all tidy and out of the way.