Residential Home Cleaning

I should think the advantages of professional home cleaning should be obvious.

The 40 hour working week doesn’t include travel time or all the other time I spend chasing things up. My free time is minimal, and it has a negative impact on my mental health if I don’t do something satisfying with it. In these days of gender equality means that you can’t stick all the work on a significant other, which is not something I ever thought was fair anyway; but if I neglect the housework the consequences are a disaster. Getting someone in to do the cleaning means I have one major concern out of the way. I could have worried about the cost, but anything that eats into my work time is costing me more per hour than the cleaner does, and anything that eats into leisure time just drives me nuts. The cleaners get things done faster and more thoroughly than I can, and I live in better surroundings because of it. What’s not to like? Residential cleaning works out well.

My in-laws had a situation where the husband kept an apartment in Redfern to stay in during the working week, saving him a trip up and back from the central coast each day. Turns out that thinking an apartment without children, occupied only 4 days a week, wasn’t going to get too dirty was a mistake. He rented the apartment to save on travel time and ended up with a lot of cleaning time, which no one wanted. Once a week professional cleaning solved the problem, made all the easier because he used the same group that cleans his office. He probably uses home cleaning too, though I should chase this up.