Strata Cleaning

Strata systems combine two forms of ownership and residency. Individuals in a strata scheme own a ‘lot’, which others might term a unit, but not the building that the lot is contained within. Everything within the four walls of the lot are the property of the owner, everything outside is common ground that is the responsibility of the community and the building administration. These rules can vary, depending on the strata in question. Renovations to the building are sometimes up to the individual, and sometimes under the authority of the administration; each individual situation should be checked.

We simultaneously live an individuals and as members of a community. Nowhere does this become more evident than in a strata house. Maintaining a sense of community is a key component of health living.

An issue with common property is just who is responsible for certain costs and chores. Strata cleaning requires some dedicated work; as it is the common area for many individuals it becomes untidy at an alarming rate; as no individual owner is responsible for its upkeep it will not be magically fixed. Professional strata cleaning is essential. At the very least a groundskeeper is needed.  Using a cleaning service allows common areas to be maintained without concern, it is part of the monthly strata fee. As an added benefit it makes individual apartment cleaning more convenient; the same cleaners can do both the common areas and any individual lots at the discretion of the individual owner. This makes for an improved and more economical situation for all concerned.