‘A lazy person finds the easiest way’, goes the old saying, at least if there’s no way to avoid the work. I prefer the phrase ‘work smart not hard.’ You have to get things done, so find the most efficient way to get results. Then you can get on with the important aspects of living.

  • Do you get soap scum building up in the shower? Wash yourself with shower gel; for some reason this doesn’t leave scum. If you live with others, then they get shower gel for Christmas. No scrub bathroom cleaners also help.
  • Clean you microwave with a bowl of water and white vinegar (4 parts water, I part vinegar). Just microware the mixture in an open bowl for a few minutes, and wipe clean.
  • Leave your shoes at the door. By slippers for the house in winter. Wear socks on hard floor and let them attract the dust. Apparently anti-microbial doormats are good.
  • Buy items that can be cleaned in the dishwasher, including toys.
  • Make a list of cleaning shores that take one minute to do. Do one per hour. You have some sense of achievement through this.
  • When you cook, find easy alternatives. Use paper cupcake and muffin liners; this saves cleaning the tray. Line cooking with foil rather than clean the utensil.
  • We don’t recommend instant meals, but anything you can cook in one pan/pot saves time.
  • Rather than clean the plate of bowl, line it beforehand with a soft tortilla. Than just eat the tortilla when you finish the meal.
  • Cook meals in advance and defrost. You can cook several meals and only clean up once. As we don’t want to eat the same thing every night you need to have about seven different options.
  • Soaking a dryer sheet in a pan/pot of water makes it easier to clean, Leave overnight, and use a non-toxic dryer sheet.
  • If you have to watch mindless television, then do the washing and folding. Neither requires much concentration.
  • If you listen to podcasts or regular radio programmes, do some simple washing at the same time. As long as the listening does not require too much attention.
  • If there is a scheduled item you are looking forward too, spend 10 minutes before this cleaning up. You appreciate the anticipated item more.
  • Deodorize the fridge with a cut onion, coffee grinds, or bicarbonate of soda. Charcoal also does this.