Easier Cleaning

You could avoid work, or you can think ahead and reduce the amount that needs doing for cleaning your home.

–           Ovens are one of the worst things to clean. Use an oven liner.

–           Toaster ovens can also be lined with foil. Easy to clean.

–           Buy organic with reusable bags and avoid 90% of the accumulating rubbish.

–           Line cupboard draws with butcher paper, and fridges with foil. Dispose of rather than clean. A produce called ‘press n seal’ is available for fridges.

–           Put detergent at the bottom of the toilet cleaner/brush.

–           Keep cleaning products near the objects and places that need cleaning. The toilet and bathroom tend to get cleaned if the brush and brush are at hand.

–           Have once plate, bowl and set of utensils for every meal. Clean them each time.

–           Learn to use chopsticks – they are the easiest thing to clean, especially metal ones.

–           Put doors on cupboards, to hide the messy contents.

–           Have a systematic way if storing things. You feel satisfied of everything is in its place.

–           Buy lots of houseplants, which help clean the air. Watering plants is more enjoyable than most household tasks. If the plants keep insects away as well, that’s a bonus.

–           Buy furniture that is easy to clean.

–           Pet hair can be picked up with an old rubber glove.

–           Venetian blinds can be cleaned quickly by a flat stick (ruler) that has a cloth attached.

–           Use coke to clean grease stains or toilet bowls.

–           Avoid all the kitchen gadgets and just have the two or three items that multitask.


Remember that life contains both the sweaty work and the fulfilling achievement. You sleep better at night if you have managed to both get several things out of the way and taken a few steps closer to a goal or two.