Gyn Cleaning Sydney


Gyms tend to be low in litter and most cleaning issues, but they are more prone to sweat and related hygiene problems than just about any other venue. It pays to be aware of this and know the best ways to deal with the issue.


  • Wipe down Gym equipment before use. At best others people’s sweat is unpleasant. We don’t know that the worse possibility is, but avoiding a rash or fungal infection is enough reason to keep equipment and seating clean.
  • Provide paper towel dispensers for cleaning.
  • Provide a dispenser for hand sanitiser. Avoiding one bad infection is reason enough to do this.
  • Advise attendants to wash clothing between Gym sessions. Fresh human sweat is a sign of a good workout; stale human sweat is the site of bacteria, odour and fungal infections. The bag you keep the clothes in also needs cleaning.
  • Advise attendants to use thongs/flip-flops in the shower. This prevents tinea and other infectious fungi from spreading. This footwear should be cleaned with diluted bleach.
  • Encourage everybody to buy a better water bottle. Plastic bottles are only good for one use, or for promoting the business printed on the side. Metal bottles can be disinfected with boiling water and detergent, probably in the family dishwasher.
  • Don’t even think of sharing the water bottle with anybody else. People wonder how the flu spreads so quickly.
  • Advise people to stay away from the Gym if ill or suffering an open cut. They are open to infecting other if ill, or from infections from others if injured. And they are probably not in a position to benefit from the workout anyhow.


Gym Cleaning Sydney        

Regular gym cleaning is essential, but the regular cleaners are not there to look after the habit of individual patrons. Make a good conduct guide a part of the sign up procedure at any Gym.