There are some common household items that are not covered by housecleaning. Thankfully these are not regular chores, but something done once or twice a year.

Cleaning Books

  • If a book smells bad, sprinkle baking soda (bi carb) throughout and leave it in a dry place for a few days. Else, use a drier sheet between the pages.
  • The outside of many books can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Use this sparingly.
  • If the cover of the book is shiny it will resist soaking up liquids. Any grease or ink can be cleaned off with tea tree oil and a Q-tip (ear cleaning tip). Some people use hand sanitiser to remove grease and ink
  • If there is a dust problem use one of the small vacuums designed to clean computer keyboards.

Computer monitors

  • These tend to attract dust, but otherwise require little maintenance. Wipe the monitor with a microfiber cloth, barely damp with distilled water.
  • Always make sure the monitor and everything connected to it are switched off. And wait till everything is dry before switching back on.
  • Run a Q-tip around the edge of the screen to remove accumulating dust.


  • Silver should not touch other metals, especially if wet, as this will cause discoloration. The phenomenon is especially bad with stainless steel.
  • Do not use a dishwasher.
  • Use nitrile gloves, not rubber (which damages silver). Use a phosphate-free detergent (never lemon).
  • Polish only with silver polish and a cloth; use a Q-tip on fine details. Rinse afterward with running water.
  • Store silverware in the box it came with. The velvet helps prevent tarnishing, and separating the utensils prevents scratching.

Fine Lace

  • This is delicate material. Many things that clean other clothes will damage fine lace. Even Sunlight will damage it over time.
  • A product call Orvus mixed with water will clean fine lace without damage.
  • Soak the lace in the Orvus and water solution. Do not let the lace sag under the weight of the water as it will easily stretch. If necessary, support it between two pieces of clean mesh.
  • Lace will soak up colour easily. Soak each piece separately in fresh solution.

Cleaning coins

This is almost always a bad idea, and the one time in life where something is best left unclean. Cleaning a coin will massively reduce its value. If the coin is worthless to begin with then it doesn’t matter anyway.